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Emily Mercer on Sep 14th 2011

Assingment 2-

I was intrigued to research May Edward Chinn because of her research on cancer. Cancer has affected far too many people in my life and I wanted to know more information on who was helping fight cancer. May Chinn was born in 1896 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts but grew up mainly in New York. Chinn was the first African American women to graduate from Bellevue Hospital Medical College.  In 1926 she was the first African American woman to obtain an internship with the Harlem Hospital.  After completing her internship she worded at the Edgecombe Sanitarium for non-white patients because African Americans were not allowed to have residence in hospitals. For fifty years Chinn worked in the medical field. A large number of patients she saw had terminal cancer and this is where her interest in the cancer field began. She helped develop the Pap smear test for cervical cancer. In 1933 she got her masters from Columbia University in public health. She then got a job at Strang Clinic where she worked for twenty nine years.  Chinn was asked to be in the Society of Surgical Oncology in 1975 because of all her hard work. May Chinn collapsed in 1980 at the age of eighty four.

Assignment 4- Blog 2-

After doing a presentation on May Edward Chinn I realized I had only scraped the surface of important information in my first post.   May Chinn never did complete high school. Before Bellevue Hospital Medical Collage Chinn took an entrance exam at Columbia teachers college where she did well and applied to the school. From there she got a job as a lab technician in Clinical pathology. Chinn received a citation from the New York City Cancer Committee of the American Cancer Society in 1957. In 1980 Columbia University awarded May Chinn an honorary doctorate of science. May Edward is a perfect example of the statement “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”. She is a role model to all women that you should not give up when you are denied. Chinn was denied all because of her color and sex and wound up making her own practice. She proved that people can over come obstacles and succeeded in the end.

Assignment 6- Papanicolaou VS. Chinn

George Papanicolaou was a male scientist that I wanted to research because of how similar he is to May Chinn. They both went onto the health field to research cancer. In 1928 Papanicolaou hired Chinn to work with him on the Pap smear.  The Pap smear test interests me because of the amount of people I know with cancer.  I felt these scientists deserved to be recognized.

Both scientists education involved health but Papanicolaou’s education reached a higher level. He was able to achieve a Doctorate whereas Chinn only reached a Bachelors and Masters. Professionally Papanicolaou was able to go from assistant to professor whereas Chinn was never able to reach the tittle of professor due to her race. Both Papanicolaou and Chinn won around the same amount of awards but I would have to say that Papanicolaou’s awards are more prestige.  Papanicolaou received The Honor Medal of the American Cancer Society and Chinn was given a citation from the New York Cancer Committee of the American Cancer Society.

I feel that gender did impact the careers of both scientists. When I was researching Papanicolaou nothing was said about his work with May Chinn. I feel the reason for this is that if she was mentioned it would have diminished his work. On the other side when I researched Chinn, information about Papanicolaou was found. I think that by adding information on Papanicolaou it gave more credibility to her work as a scientist.

Assignment 8-

For presentation number 3 I researched National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health. Their mission is to give Nurse Practitioners the education needed so that every women can have quality health care. The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health was founded in 1980 and today there are 125,000 Nurse Practitioners nationwide. I feel that there is a chance that May Edward Chinn would be a member of the association because of her efforts to help female health services. On the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health’s website they had information on Pap smears and recommended that women get a routine Pap smear. Knowing that May Edward Chinn contributed to the development of the Pap smear makes me think that the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health would support her views.

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